Guardian pipeline unable to validate JWT

Hello I am trying to add use auth0 authentication with my API. I am able to take username and passwords and generate JWTs from auth0 with no problem and putting these in I see that they are valid. However when I try to pass these tokens through my pipeline to protect other routes I am getting errors. I have been playing around for nearly 3 days both Guardian.Plug.VerifyHeader and Guardian.PlugEnsureAuthenticated return invalid_token and unauthenticated respectively. I have sent requests from both Postman and Curl and get the same results. Im going to post the related code below thank you for your help in advance


config :cardinal, Auth.Guardian,
  allowed_algos: ["HS256"],
  verify_module: Guardian.JWT,
  issuer: "<Auth0 domain",
  verify_issuer: false,
  secret_key: "<Auth0 Signing secret"


defmodule Auth.Guardian.Pipeline do
  @moduledoc """
  Configures a set of plugs to be used with Guardian based authentication / authorisation
  use Guardian.Plug.Pipeline,
    otp_app: :cardinal,
    error_handler: Auth.Guardian.ErrorHandler,
    module: Auth.Guardian

  # Look for a token in the HTTP Authorization header. (prefixed with `"Bearer "`)
  plug Guardian.Plug.VerifyHeader, realm: "Bearer"

  # Make sure the token is found and authenticated
  plug Guardian.Plug.EnsureAuthenticated

  # Load the Identity
  #plug Guardian.Plug.LoadResource

  # Add :current_identity to the connection
  #plug :assign_current_identity

  defp assign_current_identity(conn, _) do
    |> assign(:current_identity, Guardian.Plug.current_resource(conn))


defmodule Auth.Guardian do
  @moduledoc """
  This is the main Guardian module used by the application to gain access to claims,
  identity, token, etc.
  Implements callback to properly integrate with Auth0.
  use Guardian, otp_app: :orders

  alias Auth.Identity

  @impl Guardian
  @doc false
  def resource_from_claims(%{"sub" => "auth0|" <> id} = claims), do: {:ok, %Identity{id: id}}