Guardian Vs Pow, which one to chose?

Hi All,
For authentication, is it a good idea to go with Guardian or Pow? Which one is better and what parameters to consider when choosing one over the other?


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There’s a new solution being worked on right now phx.gen.auth.

Here’s José’s blog post about it:

Here’s the repo if you want to use it:

I’ve used Guardian and Pow in the past and find this to be a much more simple solution that’s easily customized.

That said, it doesn’t add SSO provider support, like Guardian (or Assent) do.

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To be precise, Guardian does not support SSO, its sister project Ueberauth does that.

IMHO SSO is a must-have for most sites these days. For example of all the people on this forum, how many are signing in through github or twitter, and how many are signing in by a dedicated username/password pair?

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I guess, it comes down to, if you are doing a pet project or need something, that are production ready.

Both Guardian and Pow are that, but they differ quite a bit internally, this mostly comes down to, as far as I know, that Guardian is opinionated, where with Pow, you can change everything, to suit your project needs.

Thanks everyone, for the useful insights. I will explore further.
phx.gen.auth looks interesting. Not sure if its production ready, but I will watch out on this.