Guidance sought on creating Elixir/Phoenix Community in Ghana

Hello everyone, my name is Clemence Sedem Agozi. A software engineer based in Ghana, West Africa.

I mostly do backend, but sometimes add frontend as and when it is required. My stacks include Ruby, Elixir and Python.
Since Elixir was introduced to me by my former boss who switched from Ruby, I got so much interested. Even though I am not an expert yet in Elixir, I love to teach others.

I humbly request for guidance and procedure to create Elixir community here in Ghana to preach and train others in Elixir.

I will be very glad for any assistance and guidance.

Thank you all


If you have any other community of developers - you could probably propose some meetup with talk about your findings, your view of elixir etc… show some basics and how to get started.