Hacktoberfest 2019 + Nerves

I recently promoted Hacktoberfest in the #nerves slack channel and offered help/discussion for those looking to contribute. Since then, I’ve had a few reach out and the conversations have been around the lines of “I’m new to Nerves, but I would love to contribute. What do you recommend?”

Fantastic! :tada:

So I came up with a few ideas, asked some of the Nerves guys, and procured the list below¬

  • Nerves docs
    • Its boring, but things move fast and its a huuuggee help to get little updates when things look wrong. Or if guides are incorrect, etc
  • NervesHub
    • Though not directly working on hardware, there is a lot to be done here and many good first issue s that are easy to jump in on
  • Search Nerves project issues by tag:
  • Add utilities to toolshed
    • Anything counts, but things for cpu utilization would be cool.
  • Do anything related to Erlang tracing and write up examples for Nerves people. (Frank thinks we rely way too much on logging, but he’s painfully aware that tracing is hard.)
  • RTC support in nerves_time
  • Harald examples
    • small Bluetooth projects that people can replicate
  • Any related to making builds reproducible
    • Frank has been knocking off reproducibility issues 1 every couple weeks, but hasn’t created tools or audited libraries for issues.
  • Find some sensor/i2c/spi device that doesn’t have an elixir lib and build one
    • Its totally random, but helps when you need it. These can range from really really simple to very complicated implementations
  • Support for auto-reverting bad firmware updates
    • This is done on products, but isn’t something that enabled out-of-the-box. Probably the main hurdle is making it obvious that a revert happened, since that seems to confuse people when first enabling it
  • Investigate the vague multicast listener issue
    • it seems like multicast listeners need to re-join multicast groups every time a network interface comes up. It hasn’t been added as an issue since no one that has seen it has bothered to write it up, but given that a few people have asked about it, maybe something is there?
  • Circuits.GPIO pinout task
  • Speak another language? We want need help putting translation pieces in place for NervesHub