Hacktoberfest 2021 + Nerves

I love the idea of Hacktoberfest and really want to encourage others to produce quality OSS contributions.

In Nerves, there are a few things that would really bring that quality to the project:

  • Documentation!
    • This is both the simplest, and the hardest. But it really brings the biggest impact and appreciation from the core team. Fixed mistakes, new relevant content, better instructions…its all great :pray:
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  • Livebooks!
    • nerves_livebook is also becoming a great source of documentation and examples.
  • NervesTips
    • This is a really simple page at tips.nerves-project.org to showcase small tips and TIL content. I’m not a web/UI guy though so it could definitely use some love if more can be improved. See the issues
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  • Tracing and introspection
    • Do you have tips for tracing/introspection that can be applied to Nerves hardware? Document it, show examples, start discussions! :pray: