Happy GuruPurnima - thanking the teachers

Dear Community Members,

Happy Gurupurnima to all of you. This is my 2nd year in succession where I got a chance to thank the teachers, mentors and fellow programmers. For the first time readers - In India, we have a tradition of thanking teachers and mentors on this day. It is based on moon calendar - it is the full moon day in the month of Ashadha!
Dear @josevalim and @chrismccord, it has been another extraordinary year of learning from following you people. I sometimes wonder if your day also contains the same 24 hours as I get. May be the minutes run slower? Otherwise, how is it humanly possible to maintain, upgrade and innovate in a language, a framework and still be accessible to even the silly questions posed by novices like me? Extraordinary in every sense. My sincere gratitude.
A small ancient wisdom from India here. We have a saying which loosely translates to:
You should praise your teachers/mentors in their presence. You should praise your friends and relations in their absence. You should praise your subordinates at the end of the task - not before. And finally, you should never praise your kids.
Unfortunately, we implement almost the reverse these days. :slight_smile:
Dear Friends, I learnt a lot from each of you individually - and - thanks a lot. Happy Gurupurnima to all of you.


I love hearing things like this from different cultures/countries!

I definitely agree with the first two and can see the thinking behind the last one :smiley:

Happy Gurupurnima to you too Krishnamohan :023: