Hard core Elixir/OTP learning

Are there any only courses that provide some hard core learning materials for OTP? I mean something more than just the normal beginner level stuff that is found in most of the Elixir books out there? Something that would really prepare an individual for building a serious production level application.


Online courses, I don’t know, but resources we do have plenty:

On functional programming:

Hope this helps.
Oh and I almost forgot: popular elixir libraries/frameworks have VERY readable code, and thanks to HexDocs it’s literally one click away from the doc, so read it as well.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, I find that this talk by Sasa Juric explains on a very concise manner the core of OTP:

Also, if the idea is to use the knowledge on production, I find that the book Designing Elixir Systems With OTP by James Edward Gray II & Bruce Tate covers not only what is OTP but also gives an approach as to how to design an application with that in mind.

Though it is a book and not a course, the narrative guides you through the construction of an example project while explaining the concepts, so it is also pretty hands on if you follow it that way.

There are also some small videos on Elixir Casts about GenServers, but those are not that “hardcore” I’d say, but still are very good and well explained summaries on different Elixir topics.

Hope that helps!


I don’t know if I should mention this here but Erlang Solutions has a number of courses and tutorials some of which can go quite deep.


Robert, does Erlang Solutions offer any self-paced courses?

Not really, at least not that I know of. The ones I know of are fixed courses.

I don’t know about courses, but their videos and posts are always great.

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