Hardware cleanup suggestions PC

Hi everyone,

I need to clean my pc and add some thermal paste for processor and GPU and i was wondering if someone can recommend what thermal paste to use.

Also i am planning of blowing the dust out of the pc with compressed air do you have any advice on this?

One final thing how do you apply the thermal paste in an X shape or on the whole surface of the processor?


Also for cleaning i will go with this method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NnbrfDiL94 but remove the CPU cooler CPU ram and GPU and maybe remove the HDD and then blow away the dust.

Also don’t blow from the outside of your computer power source, blow it from the inside and if it is really dusty open it and clean it properly.

This is what i am going to do.

Thanks in advance

Google says, this depends on your hardware…


Perhaps you can use that list to figure out the details for your hardware?


Thanks it help me find my processor and the method that applies to it but I also have a custome cpu cooler bought after and replaced the original one. Which wasn’t at all great.
So i think i will have to search for the model of the cooler as well.

Also found this using the suggestions from @NobbZ link and it looks interesting to read https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/thermal-paste-heat-sink-heat-spreader,3600.html

Correction it doesn’t matter what type of cooler you have only the type of the processor.

Thanks @NobbZ for the help with the link but i will choose what i wrote as a solution because it responds to all my questions. I hope you will don’t mind that.

Also a very important step that I discovered is to use ESD gloves and to be clothed for working in an anti-static environment or else you can fry your motherboard or other ESD vulnerable parts in your PC.