Has anyone attended any of the Erlang Solutions training courses?

Hi folks,

I have been reading books, blog post, and other resources. Due to time constraints and other factors (coming from years of imperative and OOO paradigm), I find my learning curve is steep.

I really want to figure this out though, and I want to double down and speed up my learning.

Do you think some of the courses on Erlang, Elixir & RabbitMQ Training - Erlang Solutions would help?

Has anyone attended any of the courses offered? Any feedback to share?

I am also wondering if I can approach this a bit differently. Here are two ideas:

  • Pay someone to coach me
  • Start working somewhere part-time with no pay in exchange of learning and gaining experience

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Which books have you tried? I found “Elixir in Action” to be the key to understanding a lot of more advanced Elixir/Erlang/OTP concepts.


Visit Exercism programming exercises .
This site has an excellent elixir track with 150 challenges, the first 35 challenges contain references to relevant documentation. You can also ask for assistance from mentors, they often react within 12 hours. All with no costs!

Thank you @Rik I have started the tutorials again and indeed they are helpful.

I now have almost all books from Pragmatic Bookshelf. I think my problem is that I haven’t done anything real yet. I’ve only tried tutorials and books where most examples are not getting through at least for me. What’s missing here is start building real needed little things.

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When I have finished the books Elixir in Action and Programming Elixir (after doing many exercises on exercism.org) I will move on to :

Meanwhile or after finishing those projects I will start with learning Ecto and Phoenix. I have tried to read more then one Elixir study book at a time but that does not work for me. I have learned to focus on one thing at a time otherwise nothing will finish.