Has anyone been able to run ErlPort on OTP 21

Like the title says, ever since upgrading to OTP 21 erl_port doesn’t compile. There is a PR that fixes the issue but there’s something missing in the build process in order to compile and use it with OTP 21. And ever since Elixir 1.7.* version stopped working with OTP 21 this has become really frustrating.

Just asking if anyone here has had success running erl port or can help with building that package.

We are (temporarily, during immediate devel) using the git repo (and branch) that the PR that fixes it comes from. I have written the author/maintainer of erlport. If we do not hear back after a reasonable amount of time, we will probably need to fork it, give it some love, and push it to hex.pm as a new package … annoying, but so it goes.

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Thanks for the reply. When I try using that branch, I get the following error:

/usr/local/opt/python/bin/python3.6: No module named erlport.cli
[error] GenServer #PID<0.552.0> terminating
** (stop) {:port_closed, :epipe}
Last message: {:EXIT, #Port<0.31>, :epipe}
State: {:state, :infinity, 0, #Port<0.31>, [{1, {{#PID<0.548.0>, #Reference<0.3350477430.3634364418.242219>}, :undefined}}], []}

Can you tell me how do you specify this dependency in mix.exs?

I’ve been using this fork https://github.com/walkr/erlport/commits/master rather successfully. And to use Python3 I had to roughly do what’s described here: https://github.com/hdima/erlport/issues/42 but I ran into some issues Getting :emfile even thou ulimit is set and ERL_MAX_PORTS set to 65536