Has anyone flashed elixir code to an ESP8266?

I need a bit of help, input… I want to flash elixir code to an ESP8266.
I know that there is the AtomVM which allows you to run elixir on an ESP32 SoC.
The ESP8266 is the predecessor of the ESP32. Since I have a bunch of those lying around at home, I wondered if I could run elixir on an ESP8266 as well?
And if so what would be the way to do it?


There is a very early days project called atomvm. It is by no means ready for use l, but as far as I know it is the only way to run Elixir on ESP32. You should be warned however this is a reimplemention of BEAM, not the official version of BEAM as released by the OTP team.

Nerves currently has a hard requirement of Linux and by extension has all the same requirements of Linux. I don’t foresee this ever changing.

If you need beam on a hard real time system. (if you don’t know what this means, you almost certainly do not need this), check out GRISP.

Sorry to say you can’t currently run Elixir on ESP8266


Thanks for your informations!

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What are other options apart from ESP32?

Thank you!