Has anyone tried to create an Electron-like library using Elixir instead of Node?

Just wondering if anyone had explored the possibility of creating desktop applications with Elixir. I’ve seen the Scenic library, which looks very impressive, but seems more targeted to embedded devices despite being able to build for desktop as well. I imagine you could still write some quite nice desktop applications with Elixir using something like Phoenix LiveView though. If such a project exists or any experimentation around that idea, I’d be interested to check it out!


This is not easy with the beam, as compiled code is not very portable between different target systems/architectures/OSs - if you include the erlang runtime as well as when you install the runtime on the clients machine. This has been discussed quite a few times here in the context of building releases or not. There are afaik options for cross compilation, though, but it seems it would include a lot of upfront work to get only that part running.


Makes sense, I imagine there would be a lot of work to get a framework like running. Was mostly just curious if anyone had explored it yet since I certainly don’t have the knowledge required right now :sweat_smile:.

Sounds like this might be something worth exploring more once releases are sorted through a bit more though!