Has anyone used SurrealDB with Elixir/Phoenix?

Has anyone attempted to use SurrealDB https://surrealdb.com GitHub - surrealdb/surrealdb: A scalable, distributed, collaborative, document-graph database, for the realtime web form Elixir/Phoenix? :thought_balloon:
If so, please share your experience! Thanks! :pray:

Quick summary video for the uninitiated:


It’s on my plans once I get a break from the overload of work I got now. A native client would be sweet tho.


@greven sweet! :ok_hand:
I’m very curious to know what it would take to make a drop-in replacement for Postgres in Phoenix
it’s probably still a bit “early” to use in production as they are still actively developing it.
But the combination of Graph, Document and SQL-like queries could be epic.


Yeah! It would be cool to have a bit more innovation on the data storage side.


In case of any interest, I played a bit with SurrealDB and wrote it down here thanks to the package SurrealEx.
Not talking of ETS, if you are looking for an embedded DB, SQLite performs much better. I didn’t put Redis in front either. However, SurrealDB promises easy sync and WebSockets and Live queries, not been documented yet. I didn’t either try a serverless version, to compare SurrealDB with say a headless Postgres, such as ElephantQL

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