Have you worked on any cool or interesting apps that showcase Elixir?

Have you (or your company) worked on any cool or interesting Elixir apps? Would you or your team like to share some details with us? If so our Showcase section is just for you!

Here is a template you could use as a starting point:

  • Photo or logo

  • Introduction (something along the lines of “We’re excited to share details of our (or a client) application we’ve been working on…”)

  • Details (perhaps cover goals or initial spec/dev process/challenges/end user (or client) feedback of the finished app/how on reflection Elixir was suited to the task/ etc)

  • Further info (link to the app and any related items, such as your own site or other articles/videos/podcasts about the app, etc




I’m working on https://automergebot.com. It is a tool to notify your team about awaiting PRs. Also, it automatically assembles target branches from labeled PRs.

We’re using it a lot and it saves tremendous amout of time. As an example: we don’t need to keep staging branch up to date because the bot assembles it on each commit on PR and we have auto-deploy too.

I need to be able to manage many concurrent jobs and handle incoming events from GitHub and Elixir fits properly for this job. Also, it’s the most stable and robust application I’ve ever wrote. The memory footprint for the app is non-existent.

I don’t use any additional dependencies because elixir / erlang VM has all tools I need to write CI pipeline for notifications and job management.