Having trouble getting What's New in Ecto 2.1

Did anyone get hold of this book? I’m having problems getting the free download. I’ve checked my gmail spam folder and not there either. Here is the link: http://pages.plataformatec.com.br/ebook-whats-new-in-ecto-2-0?utm_campaign=ecto-2-1-for-elixirists&utm_content=button&utm_medium=email&utm_source=nurturing

I cant claim either:

Não foi possível enviar seus dados. Por favor, tente novamente.

Gootgle translates this as:

Your data could not be sent. Please try again.


Ecto 2.1 sounds old though, perhaps the campaign has ended already?


I just got the email. It took 5-10 minutes after signing up to get the pdf.

It went under the promotion tab in gmail.

The place I read it says that it addresses 3.0.
@mythicalprogrammer: Thanks just took a look in there too, but no luck.
Would be interested in your opinion of the book.

Indeed, the campaign has ended and we just launched “The Little Ecto Cookbook” which is the up to date version: https://pages.plataformatec.com.br/the-little-ecto-cookbook


Would be interested in your opinion of the book.

The first page is one sentence in giant fonts, “What’s new in Ecto 2.1”

I stopped there and said, “I’m good.”

I actually checked my mailbox and got an invite two days ago to the ecto 2.1 (15.07.2009 17:20 UTC+2)

I replied describing my problem and received a digital copy of the book in question as well as an invite to the inbeta for ecto 3.0.

It was also suggested to use a browser without adblock of any kind.

The reply came within an hour or so…

Ps I got the ecto cookbook as well this morning, claiming the copy worked without problems.

I got the same error trying to get the new book. Disabling my ad blocker allowed the script that posts the form to run.

Hope that helps