Having trouble with forms in Phoenix 1.4

I’m using Phoenix 1.4 and having trouble with forms. For details, see:


Can you please paste your router.ex file?

It looks like you’ll need to replace Routes.page_path in your form_for tag with Routes.text_path

As @chensan said, your router file or mix phx.routes will help you identify the correct route to use.

At present you’re trying to use the find_show function from the PageController, but I’m guessing that you don’t have one of those and instead have a TextController?

As requested, I’ve added a copy of the router.ex file to the gist (linked again below). I have a module named TextController, but that isn’t used here. The find_show function lives in resources_controller.ex.

Nothing in your router suggests you would be able to call Routes.page_path/2. The functions in the Routes module are generated from the paths you define in your routes. Because you don’t have a PageController assigned to any path, Routes.page_path/2 will not exist.

Based on the line post "/resources/find", ResourcesController, :find_show in your router, you will need to modify the form as follows:

<%= form_for @conn, Routes.resources_path(@conn, :find_show), fn _f -> %>
<% end %>

Thanks; that seems to be working! FWIW, I had no idea that the name page_path was magically related to the name PageController. I’d love to have pointers to documentation on this relationship.

It’s looks like it’s discussed in the Routing Guide in the Phoenix docs.

Indeed it is, but I somehow didn’t catch the implications the first time I read it. Thanks again!

If you want to see a list of *_paths for all of the routes, you can run mix phx.routes from the root of the Phoenix app.