Hawku - The first NFT Marketplace written in Elixir/Liveview!

Hi all!

We are excited to announce that Hawku has launched an NFT marketplace entirely written in Elixir /Liveview. You can try it now at www.hawku.com

While most of the NFT attention is focused on art, collectible, or avatar NFTs, the Hawku marketplace is focused on gaming/utility NFTs where we help people buy/sell NFTs based on their real-time performance metrics as opposed to just looks and rarity.

Hawku has launched first with ZED.run an NFT horse-racing game consisting of ~250,000 racehorse NFTs which have hidden performance metrics. With ZED You buy, breed and race horses. Some horses are fantastic racers and can win rewards in tournaments and some are not. Obviously the better the horse performs, the more valuable it is. Hawku lets you combine the racehorse’s real-time results with a marketplace so you can buy, sell and list based on its actual performance. You can try it at www.hawku.com.

In terms of Elixir, the front-end is written in Liveview with both Liveview components and PubSub for notifications. We also implemented PhxGenAuth using MetaMask login as well.

The backend is also in Elixir using a large assortment of blockchain libraries and tools already in Elixir. Hawku is also dedicated to adding to Elixir web3 open-source with both managed forks of existing projects and new libraries that can help developers build new Elixir web3 applications.

Since it’s launch Hawku has grown to millions of monthly page views, and now thousands of transactions on the blockchain - all using the Phoenix/Elixir/Liveview platform.

We are posting this to mostly let the community know that yes, you can build production sites in Elixir/Liveview and you can build production-ready web3 Elixir tools.

Happy to answer any questions you may have!

(Also, a shameless plug: If you are an experienced Elixir developer who is interested in Web3, come join our < 10 person team by applying at jobs.hawku.com!)


You can try to create a post for it in the jobs section :slight_smile:


Great to see two of human kinds greatest concoctions, gambling and NFTs, working together.


Very Good News!
When will the code open source?

Thanks for the comment! We are open sourcing a lot of the web3 tooling we built and have sponsored paid open-sourced projects in web3 as well! (We do this as part of our interview process)

One big one we open-sourced is GitHub - hawku-com/ex_web3_ec_recover which is needed if an Elixir-based site wants to build any type of MetaMask login support or to verify MetaMask signatures on the backend.

We also open-sourced GitHub - hawku-com/ecto_connection_resetter: Ecto Connection Resetter

Our hope is that we along with the community can build out a robust web3 set of libraries that people can use to build out a whole bunch of web3 applications in Elixir.

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