Head of engineering at Statuspal - Remote

Introductory paragraph

At Statuspal we’re building real-time incident communication and monitoring tools for startups and enterprise alike. Our main product Hosted Status Pages enable our customers to communicate outage and maintenance events in real-time and proactively across a variety of channels (Email, SMS, Slack, Discord, etc).

About us

My name: Eduardo Messuti
My position: CEO
Company name: Statuspal
Website: statuspal.io
Country: Germany
Company info and history: At Statuspal we provide hosted status pages and monitoring, we use Statuspal in production as our backend for all our applications.

About the job

Job title: Head of engineering at Statuspal

Job description:

Statuspal is looking for an software engineer with fullstack expertise and experience with linux servers administration to take on the head of engineering position to help lead our small development team and help keep pur systems running and performant.

Salary range: $40k – $50k • 1.0% – 5.0% equity
Position on remote work: remote position.
Qualifications or experience required: 6+ years of experience in web development.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Working directly with our CTO and leading a small development team.

About the interview process

First one sort call to get to know each other, then one technical interview, then one challenge to be solved offline on a set timeline, after that one candidate will be selected for the position.

Further info

Find more information and apply here.

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