Heads up: I (José Valim) am livestreaming on Twitch from Mon to Thu weekly

Hi everyone,

I am livestreaming contributions to several Elixir open source projects (sometimes even Elixir itelf) on twitch.tv/josevalim. This is happening at 22:00 CET / 16:00 ET / 13:00 PT from Monday to Thursday.

This has been going for a week and, since I plan to keep on going for now, I thought I would advertise it more strongly. :slight_smile: So far, we have contributed to Livebook, Elixir, and we are now working on Explorer, going through a variety of languages such as Elixir, JavaScript, C, and Rust.

If you are interested, join us. Have fun and be nice!

PS: If you can’t attend, video recordings are available for 7 days.


This is great! I remember watching you go through some of the Advent of code challenges a few years ago. I realy think this kind of community engagement could generate more interest in Elixir if it catches on. Maybe others can help advertise these streams a little?

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This is great. José is the Bob Ross of programming. Seeing how a thinking process unfolds is invaluable.

Have to admit though that so far I only opened a tab to go watch a recorded stream…two days ago. Glad that they are available for another….


Thanks a lot, that’s so enjoyable.

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Funny thing: I haven’t seen him programming in Elixir yet. Watching him coding in Rust (I guess) is still the nearest thing.

Hello José,

Haven’t you streamed yesterday? If so, can you set it as a highlight so I can re-watch it?

I did but no lines of code were written, so I unlisted it. Hopefully we will have something to show today. :slight_smile:


Hello José,

Have you finally put streaming aside? If so, what’s the reason? Too few viewers? Too disturbing or just not enough fun?

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I actually enjoyed it a lot but many stars need to align for me to be able to stream consistently. Now with the kids going back to school, we will eventually settle on a new routine, and I hope to be back once my arm feels 100%. :slight_smile: