Healthcare companies using Elixir?


At HCA Healthcare (500k employees and contractors), we’re currently experimenting with Elixir for both data integration (to handle parsing, routing and manipulating millions of messages to tens of thousands of connections) and also using it in our data science department.

I know that another Nashville healthcare company, Aspire, is using Elixir heavily in production.

With increased demand for realtime IoT data and predictive analytics, Elixir seems like a great fit for the coming needs in our industry.

We are trying to drive adoption by releasing open source projects in the language. Our first release recently went live for HL7 (the old international standard for healthcare messages).

We should hopefully be releasing an MLLP library (an old streaming protocol used heavily healthcare) and we are currently working on an Elixir FHIR library (the new international healthcare messaging standard).

I’m curious if other healthcare companies are working in Elixir right now? I’d love to connect and help push the language into our industry as I believe it could be incredibly beneficial (and save lives through better healthcare for everyone!).


I work at a healthcare-related company, ScriptDrop that runs on Elixir. We coordinate couriers & pharmacies to get prescriptions delivered to patients. We don’t have a ton of open-source stuff at the moment, but there is this little library:

We use it to handle the “signed overpunch” format that NCPDP D.0 transmissions use for some fields.

We started out using Phoenix + Elixir as “fast Rails” with some extra binary-protocol-handling goodness for D.0. We’re now getting into more Elixir-y things with GenStateMachine.


I’ve never even heard of NCPDP! Will have to read up on it! Awesome! :slight_smile:

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I know Iora Health uses Elixir and Pill Pack was seriously considering it, but I don’t know if they eventually did.


They actually have a huge Elixir project in Ukraine, it was used to reform and digitalise the healthcare system.

It’s also open source

Here’s a talk about it:


I have been working on EMR system Helium Health and whole application is written in Elixir. I also have been working on FHIR implementation in Elixir, but since then I have switched the job.


Cool. I had to do a little HL7 once, but so little that I could use very simple template strings. Nice to know this exists for more sophisticated needs.


Wow, an Elixir EMR! that rocks!

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