HEEX template files not included in code coverage

Hi there!

Is there a way to include heex files in code coverage reporting? It appears that ~H sections within .ex files such as views and components are reported, but when the templates are in .html.heex files, they are not considered. This can lead to a situation where if statements exist within a template that is not fully exercised by tests, but 100% test coverage is “achieved”.

I also recognize that having many conditionals or branches in a template might be an anti-pattern, but sometimes it seems like a quick way to implement some functionality. Ideally, I could rely on code coverage metrics to ensure those branches are hit.

I’ve observed this behavior using the basic mix test --cover, as well as using ExCoveralls as the project’s test_coverage.tool, in case that helps!

I hope there’s just some configuration option that I’ve missed.