Hello app DB not showing in Postgres databases in dBeaver

Hi, I’ve just setup the hello app and also connected the Postgres database to my dBeaver client.

$ mix ecto.create
The database for Hello.Repo has been created

However, in dBeaver, the only database postgres has is one called “postgres”.

Settings in Postgres…

username: "postgres",
password: "postgres",
hostname: "localhost",
port: 5432

Have I connected to the wrong database instance or something?

Have you used the correct db name?

Like hello_dev or hello_test!

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I removed the database name as I thought it would return all the databases under Postgres. But you are correct, I added hello_dev and the database appeared. If I leave the field out in the connection settings, I get the postgres database, which I guess would be some kind of default.

Armed with this new knowledge, I also found this DBeaver can only see default PostgreSQL database in connection - Stack Overflow which will enable you to list all databases for the connection type. Cheers!