Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)

Hi, I’m Jeroen, a Belgian living in Norway.
At work I mainly work with Javascript and Typescript.

In my spare time I’m interested in reading about new programming languages. The past few months I’ve checked out Elixir, Ocaml (+Reasonml), Clojure.

I also wanted to learn a new MVC framework. So Elixir and Phoenix fit that requirement quite nicely.


Hi, I’m Dianat Hussain from Islamabad, Pakistan.
I have used C++, Java, C#, PHP and JavaScript.
I want to pursue web application development in future, and I think Elixir and Phoenix are the best language and framework combination for that, as I read different reviews, reddit posts and blog posts online.


Hello! I’m Leif, a Norwegian dude living in Oslo.

I’ve worked in game development for ~6 years, as a developer/technical project manager on the technology team, creating a proprietary game engine for massively multiplayer online games.

Then I had a short ~2,5 year stint as a technical project manager/advisor for banks and financial institutions, mostly working on back-office systems and online banking portals.

Since 2015, I have been working as a digital business developer for the largest electronics retailer in the Nordics; trying to close the gap between physical retail stores and online sales channels.

Throughout my career, I have never worked as a full-time programmer, but I have been an avid hobbyist, learning a new language each year (after reading The Pragmatic Programmer).

As for hobbies, I’m learning Japanese and I enjoy playing Shōgi (Japanese chess). I also enjoy reading, and I have been a technical book reviewer for various authors, via Pragprog, O’Reilly and others.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Elixir (and Erlang) and getting to know you. I would also be interested in meeting friendly people with similar interests in Oslo, Norway.

See you around! :blush:


Ooo nice! Is it an engine we might have heard of?

I was just on an electronics site yesterday and thought of you! :lol: It was excruciatingly slow and I remember you saying in another thread you would like to bring Elixir/Erlang into that space - I was hoping retailers here might adopt Elixir too, it was painful browsing/searching their site!

Welcome to the community! :023:


Thanks for the welcome, @AstonJ!

It was a proprietary game engine, so probably not. But you may possibly have heard of the games we created with the engine, such as: Anarchy Online, Age of Conan and The Secret World.

Cool! Yes, unfortunately (or fortunately?), there is much to be improved upon in retail, both internally (back-office applications) and externally (customer-facing applications).

Erlang and Elixir is a perfect fit for retail, which needs to have minimal downtime, high performance and where many of the problems are inherently concurrency-related. I have high hopes :relaxed:


Hey everyone. My name is Owen, and I’m a chronic tinkerer. :face_with_monocle:

I learned HTML in the mid 90’s, and I’ve always been a UI enthusiast. During the MySpace era, I learned CSS to customize my profile page. Around 4 years ago, I finally decided to start learning Javascript, which seemed like gibberish at the time. The vocabulary of programming was the biggest hurdle.

Over the past couple of years I became a little more ambitious and decided to learn Elixir and Phoenix. When I started, I still didn’t really have a grasp of many programming fundamentals. Data types were a mystery. After avoiding Elixir for a while and focussing on JS, I recently decided to take another look.

Now, I’m starting to grok many concepts that were previously too dense. Learning Ecto migrations and schemas was the first major eureka moment. As a part time gig, I’m now experimenting with using Phoenix to progressively enhance a PHP-based site. Crazy as it sounds, VueJS actually helped me understand templating engines enough to transition to Phoenix.

It’s an exciting time to be here, and the community has been great at breaking down mental barriers. Now I’m eager to keep learning and contribute where I can.


Hello everyone,

My name is Andrew.

I am a web developer. I am learning Elixir in my spare time and also I hope to attend some Elixir conferences.

I am using Elixir/Phoenix for a project I am working on (outside of work, in my spare time) to make a free e-learning platform. But it is very much in the early stages. I am still trying to Dockerise my Distillery-released app :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for all your amazing posts on this forum. It is great to learn new things about Elixir and Phoenix and all the other projects out there.


Hey, I’m Gavin currently a Rails Developer I have been following Elixir and the traction it’s gaining. Looking to get a good foundation with Elixir and then progress to learning Phoenix and Ecto :grinning:


Hi, i am Dario, italian working remotely from France. i work for a Linux Distro. I spend my time on Linux and opensource projects (golang, ruby, python etc).
I like elixir and erlang design a lot, currently i use it on on 1 project already and count to do more projects with elixir. I found also elixir community really nice, from Jose to all people involved , really open to people and opensource +1


Hi there, I’m from Phoenix, Arizona.

I’ve been an IT Engineer for ~20 years (Focus on CI/CD in the Cloud), and I recently decided to get into FP. I took a long time evaluating Haskell, Clojure and Elixir. Elixir won out since I decided I wasn’t all that interested in static typing, and Clojure, although powerful, wasn’t really an option, since I don’t see any concrete applicable purpose for it in my job.

Looking forward to learning more, and hopefully deploying some Elixir-based Services in the Enterprise.


Hi, I am Pedro Vieira from São Paulo, Brazil.
I am a co-founder and CTO of a cybersecurity startup called PhishX.
We migrated all our code and redesign it with Elixir.


Hi, Elixir community! :wave:

This is Daniel from Romania :romania:

I am thrilled to be part of this journey of learning Elixir and Phoenix

I don’t have crazy long years of experience as I have just graduated uni. I have been working mainly with C# and JavaScript (2 years). So, the OOP has been part of my daily work.

Now, I feel the need of going fully with a FP language :+1:

See you in other threads :smile:


Hi all! Been lurking 'round here far too long.
I’m Edward Smit from the Netherlands.
I hope to start my first production-grade Elixir project really soon :crossed_fingers:t4:



I am Max (25) living in the wonderful city Hamburg in Germany.
I work as a system administrator and have my own part-time business.
Now i want to offer more than just administration and consulting, so i want to learn Elixir for different purposes.

Thanks for the great answer i got so far. :slight_smile:



I’m Tangui, now living in Saint-Petersburg. I fell in love with the simple yet powerful expressiveness of Erlang 8 years ago at a functional programming course at school and played with it a bit at that time. Then I started a career in IT consulting and forgot about it, and 2-3 years ago I discovered Elixir. I quit my job a few weeks ago, now learning Elixir part-time and I do have some ideas :slight_smile: Thanks all for the great community! Have already learnt a lot.

I used to work on IAM (identity & access management) topics, in particular on OAuth2, OpenID Connect and SAML2 stuff lately, I’d be glad to share my experience.

Have a great day!


Welcome to the community, @tangui!

Did you quit your job to pursue a career as an Elixir programmer?

Nice! I’m sure @danschultzer would love an extra hand with Pow, if you’re interested.

Check out this thread for more info:


Hi, thanks for welcoming!

I quit for many reasons, having time to effectively code in Elixir was one of them. Becoming a full-time programmer could definitely become an option but not for now, as I want to focus on some ideas and projects I have, and simply acquire Elixir/Erlang/OTP skills :slight_smile:

Saw the thread about Pow, definitely insteresting! There are a lot of libs for authentication (Uberauth for instance) and access control, and I’ve had no time to check them all. I’d like to implement a lib for WebAuthn authentication also (W3C spec). And Liveview library seems promising for authentication flows (with in-place replacement of the elements of the page).


Hi everyone!

My name is Kalbir and I’m based in London, UK. I’ve been dabbling with Elixir for about 3 years since someone lent me the Dave Thomas, Programming Elixir book which I loved!

For the past few years I’ve been product manager/team lead for devops and cloud teams, a consultant on cloud projects and been running my own company that does infrastructure/cloud projects.

I’m taking a couple of months off work and I want to move beyond my current programming level of “I can write a smallish script in 3 or 4 programming languages”, so I’m going to be doing a few projects :slight_smile:

I’ve always been super impressed by how welcoming the Elixir community is, and how fun it is to write code in Elixir – I find it’s the language I’m always reaching for whenever I need to write some code!


Hi everyone,

I’m Faraz from Bangalore, India. I started tinkering with Elixir last year and have been in love with language ever since.

Most recently I have created a new blockchain backend (based on a new kind of sparse Merkle tree) in Elixir. It implements most of the constructs in Erlang OTP and the code is quite manageable unlike other languages.

If anyone wants to know more about it, here’s the link https://github.com/ZanjeerPlatform/bargad

Have a great day!


Hi, I’m Sarat from Bangalore (India). I’m a React, ROR dev and an elixir enthusiast.