Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)

Welcome to the community, @tangui!

Did you quit your job to pursue a career as an Elixir programmer?

Nice! I’m sure @danschultzer would love an extra hand with Pow, if you’re interested.

Check out this thread for more info:


Hi, thanks for welcoming!

I quit for many reasons, having time to effectively code in Elixir was one of them. Becoming a full-time programmer could definitely become an option but not for now, as I want to focus on some ideas and projects I have, and simply acquire Elixir/Erlang/OTP skills :slight_smile:

Saw the thread about Pow, definitely insteresting! There are a lot of libs for authentication (Uberauth for instance) and access control, and I’ve had no time to check them all. I’d like to implement a lib for WebAuthn authentication also (W3C spec). And Liveview library seems promising for authentication flows (with in-place replacement of the elements of the page).


Hi everyone!

My name is Kalbir and I’m based in London, UK. I’ve been dabbling with Elixir for about 3 years since someone lent me the Dave Thomas, Programming Elixir book which I loved!

For the past few years I’ve been product manager/team lead for devops and cloud teams, a consultant on cloud projects and been running my own company that does infrastructure/cloud projects.

I’m taking a couple of months off work and I want to move beyond my current programming level of “I can write a smallish script in 3 or 4 programming languages”, so I’m going to be doing a few projects :slight_smile:

I’ve always been super impressed by how welcoming the Elixir community is, and how fun it is to write code in Elixir – I find it’s the language I’m always reaching for whenever I need to write some code!


Hi everyone,

I’m Faraz from Bangalore, India. I started tinkering with Elixir last year and have been in love with language ever since.

Most recently I have created a new blockchain backend (based on a new kind of sparse Merkle tree) in Elixir. It implements most of the constructs in Erlang OTP and the code is quite manageable unlike other languages.

If anyone wants to know more about it, here’s the link https://github.com/ZanjeerPlatform/bargad

Have a great day!


Hi, I’m Sarat from Bangalore (India). I’m a React, ROR dev and an elixir enthusiast.


Welcome to the community, @kalbir, @farazhaider and @sarat1669 :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re here.

I’m sure the Elixir community would welcome any contributions to the infrastructure and deployment story, be it blog posts, libraries, etc. There is a lot of potential for improvement in that area.

As an “odds-and-ends-scripter,” I know the feeling all too well :slight_smile:

Cool! I don’t know much about blockchain myself, but I know there’s a sub-group of developers in the Elixir community who are into that. You might want to follow Anna Neyzberg for some leads.

Here is a relevant talk that she gave at ElixirConf US 2018:

There are many former Rubyists around here, so you’re in good company :slight_smile:


Good on you for taking that scary step and making the career you want to have. :+1:

That would be awesome and a very welcome addition to the community!


Hi, this is YekSoon from Singapore.

I move between Singapore, HK and China. Those are our key markets.

We are building a new platform targeting fast growing startups in China.

And is evaluating Phoenix as a contender


Hey there! My name is Johnathon.

I picked up Programming Elixir 1.6, Programming Phoenix Beta, and Programming Ecto Beta . . .

I plan on rebuilding my companies website. Wish me luck!


Hi all! My name is Stefan, I am from Slovakia (that’s in Europe :smile:)

After years of PHP, Ruby, Objective-C and Swift, I am doing Elixir/Phoenix full-time for almost 2 months now and I love it. It feels so good to write so simple, testable and powerful code.

Now I just need to wrap my head around the deployment. :sweat_smile:

Have a nice day.



LOL :grin:

The good news about this is that deployment has improved recently. And there is a lot of ongoing effort to improve it further - so hang in there!


Hey! My name is Felipe and I live in South Florida.

I come from a few years of Ruby/Rails and Common Lisp web development. Prior to that I had a short stint doing C#/.NET.


Hi, I’m Rubi, From Papua, Indonesia


Hi, all. I’m Nick from Louisiana (United States). I’m a senior software developer @newaperio, specializing in Elixir. My other interests include tabletop gaming, game design, and the Vim text editor.

Cheers! :purple_heart:


:wave: Hey Elixir Forum. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I’m the founder of @newaperio where I work with @ngscheurich and others. Elixir Forum was a big help as I was learning Elixir (coming from a mostly Rails background) and we’re excited to be new sponsors of the forum!


Hey! My name is Boris and i’am from Russia.

I was working with RoR before Elixir, I’am very passionate about programming. I working as full time fullstack at outsource company.My strongest skills is API/graphql, and weakness is SQL so i hope i will close gap by using ecto. Right now, i’am very focused at opensource development in my free time, so if your lib need some help feel free to hit me up.



My name is Olli and I am a web/mobile developer from Finland. I mostly write JavaScript and TypeScript, but I have used several other languages too, including Haskell.

My greatest passion is functional programming and I’m about to learn Elm, OCaml, ReasonML and Clojure in the future. I have used Elixir for about six months now, mostly for my hobby projects.

This isn’t my first post on this forum, I have been busy asking noob questions in the Questions / Help section. :wink:


Hey everyone! I’m Adam.
I’m a software engineer in Chicago currently working with ruby/rails. I’ve been learning Elixir for the past year and have loved it! I’m hoping to find some interesting distributed applications to work on.


Hello! I’m Marco.

I’m a programmer from Germany. I played around with Elixir every now and then in recent years, but finally I’m looking into it for real.

I also enjoy all things Vim and Neovim; especially writing plugins for it. I already have a plugin that integrates mix format and have plans for more. Using Elixir with Vim should be as seamless as possible! :sunglasses:


This is Sam Chen from China :slight_smile: I’m a front end developer writing JavaScript (React.js) and HTML/CSS mostly.