Help defining NimbleCSV

I can’t figure out the right definition to parse this string using NimbleCSV.define/2. Everything I try results in an empty list. Can anyone help?

“agency_id\tagency_name\tagency_url\tagency_timezone\tagency_lang\rBART\tBay Area Rapid Transit\t\tAmerica/Los_Angeles\ten”

What have you tried so far? It works for me:

NimbleCSV.define(MyParser, separator: "\t", newlines: ["\r", "\r\n", "\n"])

Then in iex:

MyParser.parse_string("agency_id\tagency_name\tagency_url\tagency_timezone\tagency_lang\rBART\tBay Area Rapid Transit\t\tAmerica/Los_Angeles\ten")
  ["BART", "Bay Area Rapid Transit", "",
   "America/Los_Angeles", "en"]

That worked! Thank you!