Help finding phoenix documentation

I am currently teaching myself phoenix. Right now I am looking at sessions. I am following this document Sessions – Phoenix v1.3.0-rc.0

However I feel that this document is only a guide i.e. describes how to put/get a value. Where can I find the full documentation. I know there are other functions associated with sessions e.g. delete_session, but I cannot find this anywhere in the url above.

Am I looking in the right place?

The session functionality used in phoenix is for the largest part implemented by plug.

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Just an FYI from a fellow new person. Most, if not all of the Hexdocs information is stored within your project already. For Windows, with VScode if I press ctrl + shift + f and search for plug.session for example it will yeild all results in all files containing those words. It can be useful to search like this if you want to see where things are used and how they are associated with one another, or if you just want to find the information on them. There are references to plug.session in csrf_protection.ex, session.ex, cookie.ex, ets.ex, store.ex and many more from doing this search method

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