Help understanding multicluster app of phoenix framework

Dear all,
I am a nubie still learn this Functional Programming…
My current vps is 2 vps with different region (1 in Singapore, 1 in Germany) both of them for production
Both of them are same package with 8GB of RAM, 200GB of SSD, with 4 cores

How to make my Phoenix framework running in the same time, do i need to install my phoenix app in every each vps or just only 1 vps installed the production app of phoenix framework or what?

the reason is to anticipate if one of my vps is down or getting attack from hacker…

please help …

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Depends on what you want to do of course.
If you want to have your app running on both, install it on both.
You then need to have them talk to each other using eg libcluster.