Help wanted - filling in Elixir/Phoenix comparison matrix

Hey everyone, I’m preparing a blog post about my latest trek to choose a web framework. I’ve decided on Phoenix, and created this google spreadsheet along the way. I’d appreciate comments and feedback.

Also, suggestions for additional line items that Elixr/Phoenix do well :slight_smile:

Under “Relational Database Support”, I would add something about Query DSL. Ecto’s query DSL is just fantastic and frameworks which either only offer an ORM, a db query class to create them using traditional OOP method call, or even worse leave you to your own devices to create queries is really a step backwards.

Under testing, Property-based Testing would be a nice add. Such a great feature to come out of the box.

For Deployment, you can add Google Cloud -> … and for “System for deploying to a server” that should be “Provided by a popular extension” which would eDeliver+distillery. Many of us are using that combination in production, and while it isn’t “first class support” level it is absolutely serviceable and doesn’t require any fiddling / coding.

Authorization is probably the same with canary?

Would also be nice to have one of the more popular PHP (symphony, probably?) and node.js frameworks (Express?), and maybe even a go one (revel?) … those are very popular choices, for better or worse.

Nice work, looking forward to watching this expand :slight_smile:

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What would be an example of a three-star authorization system? I’m thinking about how to do authorization in my current project and could use some inspiration.

Admin UI in Elixir is easy with some popular libraries :023:

We kinda do get a roadmap with Elixir and Phoenix as both José and Chris often share what’s coming - not sure if there’s an official roadmap anywhere tho. It’s usually done in conference keynotes :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could add ‘News/updates’ in the community section too? José and Chris do a great job of keeping everyone informed with updates :003:

(Not related to Elixir but I would say documentation and guides for Rails are excellent as are Ruby docs.)