Heroku buildpack config file not found, even though it's in the project root

I’m trying to use a custom elixir_buildpack.config. I placed it into the root directory as it is written in the readme and commit the file yet, when I push to heroku it can’t seem to find the file

project $ tree -L 1
├── _build
├── config
├── deps
├── elixir_buildpack.config
├── lib
├── mix.exs
├── mix.lock
├── priv
├── Procfile
├── README.md
└── test

6 directories, 5 files
project $ git ls-files --error-unmatch elixir_buildpack.config
Did I misunderstand something from the readme?

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What makes you think that it isn’t being found? Are you getting an error message? Are the settings not taking effect? Maybe it’s related to the contents of the elixir_buildpack.config, what do you currently have in there?

Well, the output of the buildpack itself says that it can’t find the file, so I don’t think it’s related to the contents.
remote: Compressing source files… done.
remote: Building source:
remote: -----> Elixir app detected
remote: -----> Checking Erlang and Elixir versions
remote: WARNING: elixir_buildpack.config wasn’t found in the app
remote: Using default config from Elixir buildpack
remote: Will use the following versions:
remote: * Stack heroku-18
remote: * Erlang 20.1
remote: * Elixir 1.5.0

But just to be sure, here’s my elixir_buildpack.config:


Hmmm, does heroku-buildpack-elixir support the heroku-18 stack? We’re still using heroku-16. Maybe something changed in how the $build_path should be calculated.

You could printout the value of $custom_config_file in https://github.com/HashNuke/heroku-buildpack-elixir/blob/651bb3d24e9538e158858591499bbcb166ebbb94/lib/misc_funcs.sh#L27

Made a quick fork and added a print statement.

remote: -----> Checking Erlang and Elixir versions
remote: /tmp/build_1aeaca44df7fc6184903b757f1765613/elixir_buildpack.config
remote:        WARNING: elixir_buildpack.config wasn't found in the app

Thank you for your assistance I was finally able to find out what the issue was. Turns out that the config file was always there, but just not on the correct git branch :sweat_smile:


Haha, that would do it!

Can you please explain what the problem is? I am facing a similar issue

@shijith.k I’m not sure if this is still relevant to you or not but I ran into the same issue today. Awlexus’s catch about the branch pointed me in the right direction. I was on a branch heroku-setup and had added the buildpack config file while on that branch. I ran git push heroku master which caused the failure. I needed to specify that I was pushing my local heroku-setup branch to the heroku remote’s master branch. In other words, I need to run git push heroku heroku-setup:master. Hope that helps if it’s still relevant.