Hex dependency resolution failed while installing Pigeon

Hey Guys,

I needed a library to send notifications using FCM, most famous elxiir library I got is pigeon

I’m using the latest version - {:pigeon, “~> 2.0.0-rc.1”}

I’m getting following error-

Resolving Hex dependencies...
#Incompatibility<#Term<your app>, cause: {:conflict, #Incompatibility<#Term<pigeon >= 1.1.5>, cause: {:conflict, #Incompatibility<#Term<pigeon >= 1.1.5>, #Term<not httpoison ~> 0.7 or ~> 1.0>, cause: :dependency>, #Incompatibility<#Term<your app>, #Term<not httpoison ~> 2.0>, cause: :dependency>}>, #Incompatibility<#Term<your app>, #Term<not pigeon ~> 2.0.0-rc.1>, cause: :dependency>}>
Resolution completed in 0.417s
Because pigeon >= 1.1.5 depends on httpoison ~> 0.7 or ~> 1.0 and your app depends on httpoison ~> 2.0, pigeon >= 1.1.5 is forbidden.
So, because your app depends on pigeon ~> 2.0.0-rc.1, version solving failed.
** (Mix) Hex dependency resolution failed

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I also checked the dependencies of pigeon, it says -

{:httpoison, “~> 0.7 or ~> 1.0 or ~> 2.0”}

Still, hex dependency resolution fails. Please help me get though.

This issue was fixed in fix: allow httpoison 2.0 by hpopp · Pull Request #236 · codedge-llc/pigeon · GitHub but that commit hasn’t been packaged into a Hex release.

You could use a git URL in deps to pull directly from Github; looks like 2.0.0-rc1 is from July 2022 so “wait for another release” could take a while.

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Thanks a lot, @al2o3cr

It worked. I feel so proud of elixir community.


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