Hex.pm is nearly at 5,000 packages

Not much to discuss really, I happened to notice this yesterday. I know it is just a number but seems like a nice round milestoney number!

Serious thanks to all involved with hex.pm, it has made all our lives so much easier. :purple_heart:


As an aside, there seems to be some realisation on the Python community that PyPI, while central to pretty much every Python developer out there, is run by two volunteers and is mostly unfunded.

I wonder if there is any community funding for Hex.pm. I’ve seen they have started to monetise by offering private packages, which is good, but is it enough?

On a similar note, is hex.pm “hardcoded” as an mix dependency? Or is it easy to add a private cache or mirror so that you don’t depend on their servers or network connectivity?

That is a great point, I’m not sure. They have some sponsors for the tech stack (I assume) Sponsors | Hex but I don’t see a clear way to donate or anything like that.

They’re adding some paid features, which will probably help their finances. But I agree this is something we sohuld watch for.

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There’s a local cache, and you can modify various things including the API url as documented here:


As always, if they need a file mirror I have a file based sftp/rsync/etc… accessible file host I can supply. ^.^

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