Hexdocs down?

So any hexdocs link I try gives me:

503 Slow Down

Code: SlowDown
Message: Please reduce your request rate.
RequestId: 09E2061E545256B2
HostId: A2hcSoZHseyPzmRUA0/ziH95KX5GXFaKm+jXZatFME+2qorsgP8FVMoeqPUHZ4kflW8obr2wVcI=

Which is odd because I’ve not accessed hexdocs in hours. ^.^

Hmm works for me

It works fine for me

Just came back up for me, but I was getting that error for a few minutes there…

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These are the status pages to check for hexdocs:

https://status.aws.amazon.com/ - Amazon Simple Storage Service (US Standard)