Highlights of the Erlang/OTP 26 release

Erlang/OTP 26 is finally here. This blog post will introduce the new features that we are most excited about.

This year’s highlights mentioned in this blog post are:

Blog post:

EFS Thread:


Some map operations have been optimized by changing the internal sort order of atom keys.
This changes the (undocumented) order of how atom keys in small maps are printed and returned by maps:to_list/1 and maps:next/1 . The new order is unpredictable and may change between different invocations of the Erlang VM.

Finally we get rid of the “you shouldn’t rely on their order but…”. Proven to be unstable :slight_smile:

In the lists module, the zip family of functions now takes options to allow handling lists of different lengths

Hopes up this one trickles down to Elixir. Recently had to write my own implementation of zip due to different length. Not a biggie, but was surprised it wasn’t in stdlib. (I would swear I once saw the option to ‘keep_rest: true’ or alike)


I made one and benchmarked it and it was pretty fast and solid. Wanna use it?

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Thanks, but I don’t need it anymore as I dropped the zip. But feel free to share it!

Ah, it’s a fairly small thing and doesn’t deserve a library on Hex. It has a forum thread already too, people helped make it faster.

Whoot, very nice stuff!

How do I take advantage of this in VS Code using ElixirLS?

This automatically benefits Elixir compile times, ya?