Hints/ideas for my talk about Elixir

I’m going to have small talk on small conference CodeCon for developers (~600 people). IT will be 1st of April in Bratislava, Slovakia. I think it will be only in slovak language. My topic is:

Web development in Elixir
Elixir is modern language built on long great history of Erlang and OTP. Why is Elixir good for web development? Who use it in world? How Phoenix framework and his Phoenix LiveView can help with development.

Timing: 15-20 minuts presentation, 5-10 Q&A

So I would like to to ask you about hints/ideas what to show/tell people and even what not to show/tell them :D. It will be my first talk with audience bigger than 50 people so I’m a little bit nervous

I would like to to talk about these points:

  • small intro to Erlang, Beam, OTP (history, usage,…)
  • small intro to Elixir
  • some catchy words - who use it, some nice results/performance
  • some code example
  • intro to Phoenix
  • code example
  • intro to Phoenix LiveView
  • code example
  • Q&A


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Seems quite a lot of topics for 15-20 minutes. I guess it depends how deep you go into each point.

My tip is to practice multiple time in front of real people and time how long it takes. It is always that in your head you imagine one thing, but when you really give the talk - you use different words and timings are way off :slight_smile:

How about a small demo in the Saša Jurić style where you would have the chance to walk the audience through some of the strongest points of the ecosystem: the BEAM (observer, debugging, fault tolerance .etc capabilities), use Phoenix LiveView for the demo .etc. All this by power of example, without any slides. I think this is what makes such a strong impression. Super simple demo, yet demonstrating some extremely powerful concepts live.

Check The Soul of Erlang and Elixir, Solid Ground

Looking at the talks titles, seems like a language/technology agnostic conference (not dedicated to something specific in particular), so I think such an approach will work wonders. Good luck!


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Thanks I will check some presentation from Saša Jurić. And yes, it’s a lot of ideas what to tell and not much time for it. So I think I will tell just some basic information about that topics. Maybe 1-2 slides per topic what I wrote in question.

@sfusato you were right. Conference was moved from 1st of April to October. I hope everything will be ok at that time.

Thanks for hints. When I will be prepared and I will not forget about this post I will post my presentation here. I will do it in english (as all my presentations) but talk will be in Slovak language.

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