Hiring a Senior Elixir/Infrastructure Engineer

Hi everyone, I’m hiring for a Senior Elixir/Infrastructure Engineer.

Feel free to ask any questions here or just send your resume to the email at the bottom of the job posting https://www.cohesionib.com/senior-elixir-engineer

About the role

Cohesion has developed a robust IoT Platform built on Elixir. We are looking for an engineer to take the lead in managing, developing and pushing the platform forward.

Our ideal candidate is familiar with the IoT landscape and has experience developing and deploying edge gateways. The platform has been built to be cloud native and an understanding of what that means will be crucial to achieving the high availability needed to provide a flawless client experience.

About us

My name: Christopher Coté
My position: CTO
Company name: CohesionIB (Intelligent Building)
Website: https://cohesionib.com
Country: USA

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir Engineer or Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Job description: https://www.cohesionib.com/senior-elixir-engineer
Salary range: $120 - $135 (USD) + bonus + equity
Position on remote work: ok, Chicago preferred, US preferred
Qualifications or experience required: 5 years in a senior position
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Architect and implement robust data pipelines for IoT data ingestion
  • Build soft real-time systems for alerting and notifications
  • Manage and extend the centralized IoT routing system
  • Develop robust observability and logging strategies for a growing network of edge devices as well as centralized cloud services
  • Optimize data ingestion for a rapidly growing IoT network
  • Work closely with a polyglot team of engineers to ensure optimal cross platform coordination

For the full job description see here, https://www.cohesionib.com/senior-elixir-engineer

About the interview process

The interview will start with a video chat with myself as an initial screening, next would be call with our head of HR, finally a few interviews with some of the engineering team.


Hey everyone, I can’t update the post, but I wanted to share that the salary has increased to $155k (USD)


The senior role saw another bump in salary, with a 20% bonus and equity. We’ve also posted a more junior role, https://www.cohesionib.com/back-end-engineer which we have 2 open positions for.


Hi @entone, is this position still available? I am from India