Hiring Backend Software Engineers to Derivco Sweden (Elixir/Erlang)

Do you want to change the way tens of thousands of players globally experience our Sportsbook product and develop our backend services written in Elixir, Ruby, Go and Java? We are now on the lookout for Backend Software Engineers to further strenghten our product teams based in Stockholm. You’ll get the opportunity to work in a rapidly growing company where we put great value in our employees continuous learning and growth.

About us
My name: Nina Fazeli
My position: Junior HR Generalist
Company name: Derivco Sweden
Website: https://derivco.com
Company info and history: We’re developing a Sportsbook platform with Elixir running on top of Erlang as our main programming language. Derivco is based in South Africa with a total of 3000 employees delivering casino and sports betting products to Microgaming. We work in close collaboration with the other studios in Ipswich and London, and we’re now recruiting for our backend services team based in Stockholm.

About the job
Job title: Backend Software Engineer
Job description: We’re looking for a Backend Software Engineer to our Offer team who handles the events, markets and outcomes, ensure they are published and resulted correctly, annotated with the correct metadata and available in the correct jurisdictions. The offer team also works on initiatives such as regulated markets and domain pricing.

Together with your team-mates you will be involved in all stages of the development cycle, from the initial idea to get it up and running live. We are passionate about Open Source and our services are written in Elixir, Go or Ruby. Other technologies we use are PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Elastic, Redis and Memcached. We let the need tailor the solution and choose the right tools for the job. We set ambitious performance targets for ourselves and therefore we encourage you to embrace an innovative and creative mind-set in order to take us there.

Required skills
3+ years experience in development of various complex systems
Comprehensive understanding of the full Software Development Life Cycle
Documented experience in Erlang and/or Elixir
Experience with Linux
Experience with Agile methodologies and work processes (scrum, Kanban)
Good English skills, oral and written

Desirable skills
Experience with RabbitMQ, Kafka
Experience with Elastic, Splunk, InfluxDB, Graphite, Grafana
Experience with PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached
Experience with Ansible, Puppet, Chef
Experience with Docker, Azure, AWS

The interview process
You will have an initial screening with recruiter regarding basic technical requirements and receive more information about the company. As a second step there will be a technical interview for 60 mins with hiring manager, then a last interview will be held with the team.