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Introductory paragraph

Founded in 2015, Phil is a San Francisco-based Series D health-tech startup, pioneering a software therapy deployment platform, offering pharmaceutical manufacturers a modern alternative to traditional access, affordability and distribution options. Through its digital stakeholder experiences, patient access services, market access solutions and distribution models, pharma manufacturers are able to deliver affordable and timely therapy access to patients. For more information on Phil, visit https://phil.us/

About us

My name: Puran Singh
My position: Co-founder/VP of Engineering
Company name: Phil, Inc.
Website: https://phil.us
Country: US
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): We are golang+react house. But, we are re-writing some of the applications and backend modules out of our golang monolith and based on the kind of business we think Elixir with Phoenix+Elm would be a good combination so looking to hire Engineers who can help us do that over next 1 year or so

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About the interview process

3 rounds of technical interview then offer

Further info

Apply on the AngelList website above

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