Hiring TWO remote first platform developer @ AMOI AS

My name: Oliver Mulelid-Tynes
My position: CTO
Company name: AMOI
Website: https://amoi.no | https://amoi.se
Country: Norway and Sweden
Company info and history:
AMOI is a City-As-A-Warehouse (q-commerce) company owned by the Royal Mail Service of Norway (Posten). We started as a spinoff in their new business department and we have grown into a separate sub unit. Currently we are live in two (soon three) cities in Norway + Stockholm in Sweden. We have a startup vibe without the “you can only afford to eat noodle soup” part.

We are currently converting a great team of consultants into a great team of full time employees.

As you might glean from this job advert, I aim to build a informal and inclusive work place where there is great room to dress me down if I suggest doing something that is blindingly obvious to you is the wrong thing. If you want to work for someone who is not your boss, but maybe a first among equals (if we all disagree, I get a double vote) you’re in the right job advert :slight_smile:

Job title
Platform developer

Job description
Work on our GraphQL API, further description below. Fully staffed the platform team will be three people (+ me, the CTO coding), one is already hired and starts the 1st of January. We have two more people to hire.

Salary range
Will depend on the candidate, but somewhere revolving around 100k EUR. We will pay the same regardless if you live in eastern, western, southern or northern europe. Your work is what is worth something to us, not your nationality (seriously, these advanced “your longitude factor away from Silicon Valley X secret sauce number” adverts going around post covid is the anthitesis to what we stand for).

Position on remote work
Fully remote, gatherings as needed. We will employ you through remote.com and you will be an employee and not a contractor.

European timezone (+2/-2 from CET) only!

Qualifications or experience required
Senior and ideally experienced at async and independent work. I am hiring two candidates and I am a very seasoned elixir developer myself, so if you have a good background and at least somewhat knowledge of Elixir I am open to letting one of the positions be filled by someone highly motivated to being productive in the best language on this planet.

I strive to build a relationship where I can give you as little information as possible but you still kinda get what I want you to do. This will obviously take some fine tuning and some missteps along the way, but it should be a good indication of the type of personality I am looking for. Be good at understanding the business requirements, understand my strategic input and the sprinkle your intuition on it. Of course we will have checkins, ad hoc calls and chat on slack all day, but in a remote first setting we are looking for someone who is genuinely motivated to being largely self sustained.

(This ofc does not include a proper introduction to our codebase, to our team and to how we work, but think six months down the line)

What the successful job applicant will be working on:
We are currently exiting a Liveview setup into a graphql + nextjs setup. This means we will be ringfencing the API team (where you’ll end up) a bit and upping the velocity on the frontend iterations while trying to put on the brakes a bit on the backend team. We are making the shift away from liveview purely based on business reasons which I can elaborate on in our call if you are interested.

We are using Absinthe for the graphql layer and postgres as a database. Pubsub is still going through Redis for reasons ™, but that is also one thing we’re planning to bring back native pretty soon.

Of interesting things we are solving or planning to solve:

  • Logistics ordering (shop → hub → user etc) to our logistics partner
  • Payments
  • Fullfillment (TODO)
  • Inventory integrations
  • CRM for onboarding new vendors to the platform
  • Webhooks for our vendors, including serverless snippets (think functions you can tie to events we emit ala auth0 webhooks etc)
  • First party analytics (think google analytics without the evil “google” part)
  • Your good idea?

About the interview process

You will not see a whiteboard in this process. You will be screened by yours truly, and as I am looking for independent async developers who will get great responsibility in return for great freedom I would like the right candidate to spend effort on sending me a good cover letter. Any successful candidate will be typing a lot in their interaction with me and I value that a lot more than a candidate being good at a on-the-spot interview.

After your cover letter has blown me into awe we’ll do a quick call with me and a team member or two just to make sure the vibe is a good fit for our team and a chance for me to understand you as a person and what motivates you. Then if we both agree, you get started, as soon as we can arrange.

If you’re so busy you don’t have time to send me a cover letter, but you think I would want to hire you anyways because your CV will just make me woozy looking at it, you can also ship it over sans long impressive cover letter. (But that CV better be damn :fire::fire::fire: if so!)

Further info
Send your cover letter in a PM on this forum or on email at oliver.mulelid-tynes@posten.no