How a simple select form and comeback to same page with different argument

Hi. I am really new to elixir and phoenix and like to understand for a first small tool (project) how i add a select drop down which will filter the databased data table on a certain attribute (field). when the user changes this the table filter should be adjusted (and displayed).

I read this Phoenix.HTML.Form — Phoenix.HTML v3.2.0 (…) but i Do not understand… I am not really sure if a need live view for this feature, the idea was from my side to start small so my hello world generated project is without live view.

It kinda depends if you want your changes reflected with a page reload or without. The latter can only happen with some kind of JS involved, that could be liveview or any other JS tool or custom JS your bring to the table.

For the former you’d need to create a form, which submits to your controller and the controller can then work with the values to send back an updated table.

great. Thank you … i prefer the first ( a page reload ). Is there a example where i can look at… this ‘form’ will be trivial. it just contains the value selected.

Did you go through the Phoenix tutorial? IMO it has very good examples last I looked at it.

yes… i had read the tutorial. I am also new on the side of web development. So sorry.

In the end this cast helped me a few minutes ago: Simple Search Form with Phoenix - ElixirCasts

Now there is a button… which is not really need, but its working somehow…