How can I create a new Phoenix project using the latest 1.6.0-dev version?

I would like to try out the new phx.gen.auth and esbuild systems. I know 1.6.0-dev is not released yet but on Twitter people are talking about how good it is.

I can’t seem to find a way to create a new app using this unreleased version.

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Hey @Sergio I believe you can build and install the command locally from the phoenix project repo.

Looking at the installer readme here: phoenix/installer at master · phoenixframework/phoenix · GitHub suggests how you could accomplish it:

To build and install it locally, ensure any previous archive versions are removed:

$ mix archive.uninstall phx_new
Then run:

$ cd installer
$ MIX_ENV=prod mix do, archive.install

Hope that helps!


I made a website just for that


Wow! That is great!! :bowing_man:

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That domain name! :fire:

Reminds me of stuff like

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My server (an old laptop) died so was down for a few hours today. But now it’s back. Got it back up and running thanks to @damonjanis Optimizing for Free Hosting — Elixir Deployments | by Damon Janis | Medium


Me like this :+1:t4:!

In this way you can only support 1 application per server

Elixir once again comes through as the best community on the planet. Exactly what I needed, deeply appreciated!

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