How can I determine if `iex` has been called from inside a project?


I have a top-level ~/.iex.exs file, and from project-specific my_app/.iex.exs files I require it as

global_settings = Path.expand("~/.iex.exs")
if File.exists?(global_settings), do: Code.require_file(global_settings)

I want some behaviour in a generic ~/.iex.exs to rely on whether it’s required from the project’s one (typically run as iex -S mix,) or it’s called during a standalone iex invocation.

Is there more convenient way to do so than one of the below

config = try do Mix.Project.config() catch _, _ -> :nil end
# or
config = GenServer.whereis(Mix.ProjectStack) && Mix.Project.config()

The documentation says I am after Mix.Project.get/0 but it raises if run outside of mix.