How can I find the project and team for the contributing to the opensource?

Hello, friends.

I have a small experience in Elixir ecosystem, but I find this area very interesting for me.
Also, I have strong experience in software development, mainly in front-end (TypeScript, React, Redux, MobX, etc.).
I want to find the open-source project and the team for the contributing to this project and communicate with this people.

Thanks in advance!


What kind of projects you would work on? There is a big variety.

Area and domain is not important for me.
But community and ability to communication with co-workers is really important, because I hope to share the knowledge and skills.

There are some points of interests:

  • video and streaming services
  • games
  • music
  • some widgets and news aggregators
  • real-time multi-user applications
  • developer tools
  • applications with using public Web APIs (google maps api, steam api, api, facebook api, etc.)

Am I talking to myself? :upside_down_face:

You might find this an interesting start:
and subsequently:



Hi @sunndeath, since you mentioned ‘video and streaming services’ in the first place, you may like Membrane. What you must know is that’s a quite specific project, and while it can help improve your Elixir skills, the media streaming itself is the biggest challenge there - not the language nor ecosystem. That also means the entry-level is slightly bigger than usual, especially if you don’t have any media experience. Also, we use C from time to time, mainly to integrate with other libraries. However, if you decided to contribute, we’d be glad to provide some - hopefully - interesting tasks and share our media knowledge.

4 Likes might be a good place to explore projects and to start working on them.
You can subscribe to any project you like and get issues sent regularly, and filter for language (there’s currently a small bug with the language filter)