How can I get functions list inside a module in interactive shell (iex) on Windows?

I’m on Windows 10 and Elixir development is alright on Windows, but I miss only one thing. When I type a module name on Ubuntu or Mac and press tab it shows all the functions available in that module, but on Windows I can’t get that list by pressing tab.
Is there any solution for this?
I’m using Cmder as my console emulator.

Either call module.__info__ or use iex --werl. The latter will open in a new window though.

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module.__info__ doesn’t print the complete list on Windows, I don’t know why. But theiex --werl is handy.

Thank You!

Have never tried it on windows. I try to avoid win as much as possible :wink:

But e.g. Enum.__info__(:functions) returns a list of all functions in the Enum module. The printing of it is truncated though, perhaps thats the case in your experiments as well?

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Yes, the list is truncated in this case, but using --werl is a good option.

You can also do exports ModuleName and it will show all functions + macros.


Ooo, I’ve not noticed that, I usually do `ModuleName.module_info()[:exports]. ^.^
Tabular is much easier to read. ^.^

Wow! that’s super awesome.

Thank You Jose! <3