How can I implement a back button in liveview?

I want to create a special navbar that has a back button inside of it. How can I redirect a user to the previous page? Is there a good way to do it and get the last page navigated from?

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Check this JS Hook out. Or you can refactor to use AlpineJs if you are using that

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I’m actually using AlpineJS already. You mean just using @click="history.back()"? Is there a disadvantage to using this approach that you can think of?

Yeah, that should work!

I don’t really see any disadvantages, I guess I would need to know more whats going on/why you want this to be able to answer better, but I don’t think there would be any disadvantages

Also using Alpine.JS, this is what I do so the back button is only there for navigating internally within the site, and doesn’t send you to a different site (or to the ‘new tab’ page of your browser): <a x-show="history.length > 2 && document.referrer.indexOf( !== -1" href="javascript:window.history.back()">