How can I inspect Phoenix.LiveView.Rendered changes?

I’m currently working on a presentation about Phoenix LiveView and would love to show how LiveView tracks changes. @chrismccord has a very nice slide about that in his 2019 keynote. I tried to replicate it, but can’t find a way to log the Phoenix.LiveView.Rendered structs after I update an assign. Does anybody know how I can log the changes on the server-side by any chance?

The slide I mean (at ~25min)

Anything in this help? Phoenix.LiveView.Engine — Phoenix LiveView v0.20.3

I guess the question I have is where is that intersection that you can inject said IO.inspect or dbg()?

I assume that would be in the Engine itself.

Wouldn’t that be logging the result returned from MyLiveView.render/1?


@LostKobrakai exactly right! I also just realised that after I looked at the definition of render/3. Thanks you two! :heart: