How can I profile my Phoenix App?

How can I profile my Phoenix App to find where the bottlenecks are?

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You mean your production app? If yes, there is plenty of APM tools like AppSignal for monitoring your web app.

If you are not talking about production but this is an app you plan to put in production, I would say: put in production and get people to use it. It’s really surprising how can you be mistaken about which page people will use more, and bottlenecks that don’t have traffic aren’t really bottlenecks.

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If You want to introspect your app, You can use trace tools.

There is a nice blog post about debugging your app here…


I mean, performance, but being up.

just for completeness - if it’s lower level profiling you can use eprof/fprof - see this post for pointers Why is this system (running only a thousand simple GenServers) slow?

So yeah, I guess the best you can find out there for discovering performance bottlenecks are APM tools. Most of them have really cool features that gives you the most time consuming requests for example.

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