How can I receive a text message in Elixir?

So I want to build an app that people can randomly send text messages to – the app should receive the text message, which may include a graphic, and then process it. I will have to sign up and pay for a phone number, I suppose. But I don’t know how to connect a phone number with a phoenix app. Any ideas?


Your best bet is connecting via the twilio api or a similar product.


Some sms-as-a-service saas is probably the easiest way, but hooking up a gsm shield to your arduino to your rpi to your http-endpoint is probably the more expensive fun way!

(Amazon SNS can send messages for free to specific numbers you add to your sandbox, it (or probably another AWS service) may be able to receive messages for free too. Worth peeking at if you’re planning to work around one specific number.)