How dark deploys code in 50ms

Hello everyone,

I’ve just read this great article about Dark and my mind is :exploding_head:

When I read it, I found few similarities with Elixir.

  • Functional language
  • Hot code reload

I think its the future of programming and I wish for something similar in the open source community.

What do you think?


The HackerNews thread has some really adequate criticism you should read to temper your enthusiasm.

Really short version: it’s very immature, lacks good library support for almost everything, and being optimised for rolling deployments comes with its own set of compromises that many don’t want to make. Not to mention it’s not very team-oriented, there’s not even reviews before deployment feature.

Deployment speed is a very low-priority metric to optimize for, IMO.


Beyond a certain point. When it’s a week (due to bugs in pipeline), it kills productivity.

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A week is definitely too long, but a few minutes is fine. 10ms seems like a lot of wasted effort to me!


I meant 50ms vs 10-15 minutes as it’s pretty usual to have the latter.

I’m not judging. Obviously the creator(s) needed those deployment times. But I question how universal that need is.

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Sounds like this is going to become a product with a maximum of vendor lock-in.


There are some news about this project:

The biggest drawback is that it’s closed source, so companies won’t ever adopt it, and this skill will only be great if you wanted to develop something of your own solo or with a small team very quickly, and still if they gone out of the business (which is highly possible with a closed source tool having a very small team and not backed by a big name like Google or Microsoft etc), you’ll be on your own.

And the deployment is done only to the infrastructure they set up, I hated that thing with Meteor where the only easily scalable deployment option was the Galaxy, the infrastructure they set up. Otherwise Meteor was a great tool.