How did this community get to be what it is?

Wondering about a piece of history.

Spending time on Elixir Forum is great. I’ve always gotten support and the community has mostly been very responsive and respectful.

I joined much too late to know how that evolved over time and what drove it. Any ideas?

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At the very start the basic ethos was: “Jose is nice, so we are also nice”. I’ve been participating in the Elixir community since somewhere around v0.10, and Jose’s cheerful and insightful presence really set the bar early on for how the community would behave toward and engage with one another. Chris McCord is cut from the same cloth in that regard, and we are all very fortunate in that respect.

It’s also difficult to overstate how impactful @AstonJ’s leadership on this forum has been. He has a very clear vision for how he wants the community to operate and the culture he wants to foster. He has put in a ton of effort to make the forum be what it is, and to support the mod team to help keep it that way.

Of course it really wouldn’t be possible without the many other contributions from too many people to call out here. What you want though is for those contributions to all sort of coalesce around a common approach, and that common approach requires leadership of both a technical and cultural variety.


Ben has given you a great answer and I would just add that from my perspective it was about helping instil the standards that I felt José (and others) wanted for the community given what I knew about him, Chris and Elixir at the time - it just so happened that I shared many of the same values and that made me realise I could help achieve those goals (while at the same time help prevent many of the pitfalls) given I had some good experience in the space. So I’ve been more like a conduit really, for what people like Ben wanted :003:

Speaking of @benwilson512, here’s what I said about him in our 2022 Update thread:

Our community is awesome and has got to where it has precisely because of people like Ben in it :blush:

In answer to your wider question, we actually touched upon this in our 2023 update:

Positivity is incredibly powerful and has without a doubt been a major factor in the Elixir success story - your words and actions can influence things in more ways than you might imagine :orange_heart:

In fact you have reminded me of this amazing talk which I think is quite fitting here: