How do I assert the state (assigns) of a socket in a Channel?

Using the ChannelCase I can assert that certain events are happening, and that I receive certain replies from the server. However, I haven’t found a way to assert changes to the socket.assigns. I alter the state to keep track of what has happens during a chat, and I want to test that whatever I expect to happen actually happens. How would I go about doing that?

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Hey @Pistrie in general I would consider tests that assert on the actual channel state a bit “brittle” and favor tests that assert on observable behavior.

However, if you do want to assert on internal state, you can leverage the bit where a channel is simply a genserver at the end of the day and do:

state = :sys.get_state(pid)

assert state.whatever

Now notably the state you’re going to get back is the Phoenix process state, so you’ll need to dig into it a bit to get your assigns.

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